Black Eyed Children

by Abbey

This was not too long ago, probably about six months ago. I was at home in my lounge room with my dog Lucindy and it was roughly 11:30pm. My friends had been over about an hour and a half ago, and I had a headache, so I stayed up and took some medicine for it. I always vomit however when lying down after taking medicine, so I sat up until I felt it had digested.

They were supposed to stay over, but one of my friend's niece needed someone to care for her, and my other friend had planned to leave with her boyfriend at ten, so I was alone.

I was just sitting down reading a book in the well-lit room when Lucindy began barking in a wild fashion that sounded similar to an animal in distress. Naturally, I scolded her and kept reading. Lucindy was a quite, peaceful dog so I didn't know why she had gone berserk. In fact, I had never seen a dog react as wild as that. The air became cold, and a shiver ran down my spine. It wasn't even a particularly chilly night. I pulled the blanket on my legs higher and snuggled down.

Lucindy was still going wild. I scolded her twice more before she whimpered and ran to a corner. I ran over and touched her and she made a yelping noise that sounded like a duck. I was about to ring a vet when I decided that maybe it was a spur of the moment. I looked out the window to see if maybe a cat had set her off since Lucindy absolutely hated cats, especially my neighbors' old alley cat Tom who yowled a lot and was maybe too far for me to hear him.

That's when I spotted two children in my yard, a little girl in a light pink nightgown and hair cap clutching a Teddy bear. She had blonde hair and was involuntarily shaking as if she was crying. She looked about six or seven. There was also a tall teenage boy. He looked roughly 16 years old, although I do have some troubles identifying the age of teens. He wore a black, leather, short-sleeved vest and a pair of blue jeans. He had piercings and brown hair. They glared at me and my whole body tingled, so I moved out of view. An air of mysteriousness lingered, as my throat went dry and feared the two seemingly harmless children.

I left, but curiosity made me check back two minutes later. I would've gone out to help them out if they didn't make me feel like this. Never the less I gathered up courage and opened the door. It was almost as if my life was on the line. I didn't dare step of the front porch, for my fear was great.

"Miss!" the little girl cried in a lispy little girl voice. It was cute and innocent, but made every hair on my body stand on end. "We need you to help us! The hospital called saying our parents are dying in hospital from a car crash! Can you drive us there?" said the boy. No matter what happens, I thought myself, I'm not letting these freaky weirdos in my car.

"You know" I said in a voice that surprised me, since it was not wobbly but instead strong and confident. "It's 11:45, and you've been standing in my backyard for quite a while". "Please!" cried the little girl, her face red and streaming with tears.

I left my front porch, and approached the two, immediately noticing that something wasn't 100% right about these two "children". Their eyes were empty and hollow, like a sea of blackness. I took a step back. "Sorry, I can't help you" I said backing away. They approached me. "Our parents are dying!" the boy cried. "Can you at least let us in to use your phone?"

They were intimidating and persistent. I felt obliged for a second to let them in, although they scared me. That's when I remembered, I let my friend call her boyfriend, and still had my cell in the back of my pyjama pants. "I have my cell here" I suggested with a quick resolution smile. The little girl frowned. Her anger sent my gut instincts to squelch and twist. "My home phones not working" I offered.

"Yes it is. We know it is" said the boy. He approached me, his face bland and lifeless, his eyes boring into mine. It felt as though he was consuming my mind, seeing my very life, every thought I've thought from the second I had my first breath of air. "Let us use it" he said in a hypnotic voice.

For a second I seemed hypnotized, unable to move. He was somehow looking into my very soul. I snapped out of it when I heard one of Lucindy's sharp yelps. "Sorry, you cannot come in" I said without doubt. "Let us in!" the little girl demanded. Despite their less than charming attitudes the two children seemed to be able to manipulate and enchant me. She snatched my cellphone and smacked it against the door. My patience snapped.

"Listen you little f***tards, you're not coming in my house!" I tried to turn around but the boy grabbed my shoulder. I felt his hands, cold to the touch. Supernatural and not the property of this world. Pumped with my life on the risk I slapped him in the face and retreated. I locked the doors, all windows, all manholes and attic passages. I grabbed Lucindy who was now only alarmed, and hid in my closet.

After about an hour I looked out the window of my bedroom. Milling about lifelessly there were the two children. They stopped and looked at me. I didn't look again for the rest of the night.

That was the worst night of my life, crammed in a closet with tears managing to seep out of my eyes, snuggling Lucindy who seemed to understand the desperation.

I woke up early, and looked at my watch after the sleepless night. 7:30am. With reluctance I crept out and looked out the window. They were gone. I wanted to get out of the house immediately and grab my cellphone, ring my aunty who lived nearby and live there until the fear cleared away. I urged Lucindy out, went opened the door quickly and grabbed my cell. The girl may have been small but sure could throw. Thankfully it was still working.

I rung my aunty and explained my situation. Before I could help it I was crying fiercely. I was not the sort to be easily spooked. My aunty agreed to pick me up immediately for the sake of my mental health. I packed a makeshift suitcase filled with some clothes, one pair of pyjamas and other necessities. I rounded up Lucindys bed, toys, treats and food. Soon my aunty arrived and I rushed immediately outside, not waiting to see the area in which the paranormal occurrence took place. Lucindy rushed out behind me.

I hopped into my aunties car, when I spotted Lucindy attacking something. "Lucindy?" I called. She was growling ferociously. I had no choice but to get out of the car. That's when I saw it. In Lucindys jaws of death was the Teddy bear of the demon girl. I grabbed Lucindy, threw the bear and ran into the car, shoving Lucindy in. "Step on it!" I shouted.

Soon after I sold the house and all the evil memories it came along with. I looked up in hope that there was some rare genetic disorder that made the children have those demonic eyes, but found out about Black Eyed Children (BEC's) instead. I moved in with my boyfriend shortly after.

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