Black Eyed Demon

by Nathaniel Rines
(Boston, MA)

For the last year or so a black eyed very pale dark haired male of indistinguishable age has appeared in my dreams.

"He" always gives me a natural and very old feeling to either fight it or flee from it. Lately it has expressed trying to harm my family, and I thought this was merely my sub-conscious projecting fears in a way. Until, that is, I told my lover and she said the same "thing" appeared to her and tried to inhabit her body.

According to her it had a vague sexual feeling to it but very grotesque. I don't want it to know, but for some reason I think it does, that it scares me. I would like to seek help but am not sure where to turn. I have a god heart and a mission in life and will NOT allow this demonic presence to inhibit my family or I in any way. As soon as I see a living manifestation I will kill it... if I can? Hopefully this is not it inside someone; I am generally pacifistic.

Scary unexplained stuff... I'm sure someone out there knows more about than me. Any information would be helpful, I can be reached at Thanks, happy trails!

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