Black Eyed, Ghosts, & Demons

by LiMoon
(Alabama, USA)

When I was 5 yrs old a being came to me & told me not to be afraid & that things would happen in my life & if I ever needed help to just ask, that I was special.

Through the years I started seeing & feeling things like spirits or ghosts. I had dreams of being watched & surrounded by people with black eyes.

At the age of 11 I started having prophetic dreams & persistent deja vu. However I wouldn’t remember the dream until faced with the deja vu.

At 13 I had a man in black, black hair, dark eyes & a red tie walk up to me in high-school between classes. It was raining but he was dry. His hands were cupped into a bowl held out in front of him. He stopped at me & said its raining & dumped the water at my feet. He turned & walked around the corner & disappeared. My best friend saw it & freaked.

At 14 we moved. Me & mom started seeing ghosts there regularly & I was talking to one I couldn’t see daily. Strange things would happen, doors opening, shower curtain opening, animals growling, etc...

At 15 stranger things started happening. My friends started experiencing things. One afternoon I was doing homework, inside of my closet sounded like it was being torn apart. When it stopped I opened it & everything was perfect. I climbed back on the bed & my bed jolted, I got thrown to the foot, & caught myself before I hit the floor.

Months passed. I was laying on the bed. I had my arm under my head, my hand & lower arm hanging off the bed. Something grabbed my arm & pulled me half off of the bed, then I saw the black burn marks on my lower arm in the shape of fingernails.

At 16 I would wake up with the feeling of being watched or by a jolt like I had been
thrown onto the bed. One night I dreamt I was floating on my ceiling. I woke with a jolt & went to the bathroom. I turned on the light, in the mirror I was shocked to see I had red marks & glitter on my face from the popcorn ceiling in my bedroom. It wasn’t a dream.

Later that year, I had a stuffy nose & woke because I couldn't breath good. I rolled over to see the clock, it was 6-ish a.m. I thought I saw a shadow on the wall. I dismissed it as eye matter & rolled back over. When I rolled back over to my right again to get my bear there was this huge black figure standing over me reaching for me. All I saw besides black was red eyes & yellowed teeth/claws. I screamed so loud my throat hurt & I was hoarse for 2 weeks, but no one in my small house heard me. I slept with my door locked & somehow I jumped from the bed then was suddenly across the house, hitting my moms bedroom door face first & almost took it off the hinges. I couldn't talk no matter how hard I tried. I was white as a ghost & cold as ice. It took me about 30 minutes to be able to talk & get more out than stammered sounds & "it get me".

When I told her what happened she had my room cleansed. My grandmother also came in & placed christian objects around my room, they did not work. Mom slept in a chair outside my room for 2 weeks. The dog & cat wouldn't go in & would just sit & growl. I started seeing small imp like creatures in the trees watching me. A month later I was pulled off my bed by my ankles. We moved twice before things stopped happening like that. I still had dreams, felt, & saw things.

At 21 I was married & had my daughter. She started seeing Spirits like I had. I started having dreams of a man with long dark hair, clothes, & bright blue eyes who would just talk to me & show me flashes of past lives. We became close & he even was there in my astral world & meditation places. I started seeing him even in the waking world like a ghost. When I started getting too close I told him it wasn’t right & I needed to not talk to him as much anymore & tell my husband about it. He understood & I rarely saw him.

A few years later we moved & bought a new house. I started seeing shadows & objects would move. Last year my daughter, at 14, came to me saying something had tried to get/bite her. This solid white demon creature with black holes for eyes, yellowed teeth/claws, wide tooth filled mouth, brand on his neck, & thin skin she could see the veins through was crouching at the footboard with its hand on the post. It jumped to a crouch on the foot of her bed then jumped on top of her & tried to bite her. She pushed it off & got angry. It looked at her tilted its head & grinned. Then it was like an energy threw her back on the pillow & when she sat back up fully awake it was gone but the wind chimes were moving.

For weeks she slept in my room. Her room felt heavy & uncomfortable. My daughter told me that she hasn’t seen him physically again but sees & talks to him in her dreams & he takes different forms. He told her he was sorry for scaring her & was testing her strength & was her protector. She started seeing imps. She saw one in her room & one at school watching her. The demon told her they were there to watch her for him when he couldn't be there.

Our ancestors were American Indian, I was told some tribes had guardian demons that were called for females born with "the site". I was told we had been watched by the imps from birth. I am trying to find out anything I can about the things that have happened to us.

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