Black Eyed Jekyll and Hyde

by Gaffer Irvine
(Blackpool, Lancashire, England)

Can Demons help us and protect us from harm or are they only satisfying their own needs and desires?

When I was young I had such an explosive temper people used to refer to me as a Jekyll and Hyde type of character since I could instantly turn BALLISTIC and back to serine in the blink of an eye.

During my early teenage years I started to notice strange things happening when I lost my temper, the area behind me would always seem darker as if the shadows were enveloping around me and I would appear to be much bigger than normal as I always ended up staring down at the persons who had caused my temper even if they were bigger than me.

I could stare down anyone and witnesses have often said my eyes turned all jet black like a great white shark and they were terrified to see it even if I wasn't angry at them.

When I glared at someone I didn't like it I was staring directly into their soul and when I found the fear inside them I drew it out and that made me even larger and more powerful, I was literally feeding on their fear, I could feel new found strength and energies coursing through my body. It is a euphoric experience where I feel no pain and people hitting me feel like insects waiting to be swatted and with it comes a really deep growling voice and a psychotic laugh like an unstoppable beast.

It was in my late teenage years when I made my most startling discovery when I was attacked on a night out I was alone and outnumbered 4 to 1, My body grew and my voice deepened and my eyes turned black as normal (normal for me if you know what I mean).

But as the shadows grew behind me I felt something putting its left hand on my left shoulder yet I could feel it was to the right of me, as I turned my head I saw a 9 foot tall creature guarding me, protecting me, its large 3 fingered hand holding my shoulder and it was encouraging me.

I couldn't see its face clearly as it was hooded and robed but it felt like death himself was on my side, though I was a little surprised at first. I realized he'd always been there with me, within me, protecting me, like a partnership, or a symbiote, and I fed him the fear of others as I myself was fearless.

Other things slotted into place like the fact no one has ever tried to attack me from behind and if they tried to attack from the side I could see their every move and grab their throat without taking my gaze from the person in front, even if people were stood behind me they would stand there paralyzed with fear until I turned to face them.

I have always been stronger and more alert at night, I can see much better in the dark than in the daylight, the sun burns my skin within 10 mins, all day I walk around dazed and weak and tired but when the sun goes down I'm wide awake again.

People have described me as many things in life, a wolf, a hyena, a psychic vampire, a ghost, a demon, a shadow, Jekyll and Hyde, schizophrenic, blah de blah, but when I read about your black eyed people something compelled me to write this as I am looking for answers like anybody else.

I'm not a bad guy, I'm not a villain, I have never committed a crime or taken drugs, anytime I've hurt people was in self defense. I may have enjoyed it immensely but it was still self defense (brings new meaning to picking on the wrong guy).

I'm just a middle aged guy whose lived with a personal demon all my life and we are good for each other and I've always controlled it to the best of my ability, I do a lot of meditation and martial arts training nowadays to stop me from losing my temper as much or as often, but in class I can see people fearing me and it feels so good.

I haven't seen it in the flesh for many years now but I know it's still there when I see the look in peoples eyes when they annoy me or when I inflict pain on someone I'm training I get a stare and a massive grin on my face.

I wish I knew his name.

I've tried my best with the grammar and paragraphs but I'm not a writer and this isn't fiction, I hope this helps somebody else in a similar position there's nothing to fear.

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