Black Eyed Lady at Church

by Kimberly

I had a recent experience with one of these. We live in Missouri in a small town. It was last weekend and it was late (about 8pm) on a Saturday evening and I was alone with my 6 year old daughter cleaning the auditorium of our church.

I had the vacuum on and my little girl came to me and told me that she had let a "lady" in the front door. The doors are locked and on a timer but can be opened from the inside. I was thinking it must be the preacher's wife or someone from church that forgot their key fob and needed in. I was going to just continue vacuuming and then get home but something told me to go say hello.

So I followed my daughter into the vestibule and saw a lady standing at the door just inside. I immediately had a feeling of intense fear and dread come over me that is very hard to explain. She had her head down looking at her hands. I kind of froze in the doorway with my daughter beside me. My mommy instinct was to take my little girl and run. I got the feeling that we were in grave danger and I should get away from this lady fast. My logic was fighting with my fear inside my head as to what to do.

I am a details type of person so I can remember her clothes very clearly. She had a brown 40's style dress on with brown tights and brown clog like shoes on. Her hair was long and blond and down her back. Her skin was very pale almost translucent. She kept her head down but I felt a confidence about her that did not match up with "humble like" way she was standing.

My daughter said, "Mom she wants to use the phone." I took a step forward and grabbed Sarah's hand. I leaned down and told her to go back and play in the nursery. I wanted her out of the room while I took care of the lady. Once Sarah left I told the lady that the church phone is in the office and pointed toward the glass door of the office. She looked up at me and that is when I saw her eyes. They were dark. I mean like all black rim to rim and ugly. I felt like she knew everything I was thinking and was trying to pull me in.

I looked away from her eyes and led her to the office. I pointed to the door and said the phone is in there. All the lights in the church were on and booked it to the nursery where I had left my purse and cell phone. I called my husband and told him to get up to he church and fast... That there was a stranger in the church and that I did not know what to do. We live across town but it is only a 10 min drive. Sarah was watching Veggie Tales and was fine. I was thinking maybe I am exaggerating this in my head and making too much of it and maybe the lady is sick and needs help.

I went back to the vestibule and she is standing by the office door staring at her feet. She looks up when I walk in and asks, "Can you take me downstairs I am thirsty." There is no way I am going downstairs with her. I point to the water fountain by the door and move toward it and say, "This works."

She just stands there and stares at me and says, "---- I need your help." A part of me really wants to help her really bad. Another part of me seriously wants to knock her down and run. I am not a violent person, but I feel cornered and trapped. She moves toward me and I stand my ground even though I feel like my legs are going to give out and I will fall at any moment. I think what gave me courage was knowing I had to protect Sarah. I am not sure what came over me but I straightened up myself and with renewed strength I walked toward her and was about 2 feet from her face and told her firmly, "I know what you are and you need to leave NOW."

She stared at me for a minute like she was assessing the situation. Then she did the weirdest thing, she smirked. Like she was saying, "Ok, I will walk away, but just this time" She turned and walked outside and toward the woods in the back. I watched her the whole time. I am not sure why I said what I said, because I still have no idea who she was or what she was.

My husband drove up shortly thereafter and I told him the whole story and he told me to take Sarah home and that he would clean up. He came home later and told me that he had driven around and never saw her. I will not be working at the church alone again.

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