Black Eyed Male Found on

by April

Over 10 years ago I went through a phase of online dating (e.g., Friendfinder, etc.) I went on several dates with a variety of men from these sites including a slightly older gentleman, mid 40's, olive skin, wavy dark hair, Hispanic male. I spoke with him online for a extended amount of time, months & months actually, before I agreed to meet him in person. One can't be too careful & there are a lot of whackjobs out there, right?

Anyway, once we met for the first time, we met periodically over a matter of months in an effort 'to take things slow'. He claimed to be a religious individual & spoke of the Bible often. I consider myself more spiritual than religious & I don't go to any specified church. He seemed respectful & the ideal 'man' & I started to fall for him pretty quickly.

I think perhaps on our maybe 5th or 6th date he asked why I had never invited him up to my apartment. I replied that I didn't think he would want to or that it was 'respectful' to his beliefs & could easily send the wrong message.

Anyhoo, I ended up asking him & he said yes. This is when we had been up there awhile, chatting & laughing, he leaned in to kiss me & what I saw... stopped my heart... he had kept his eyes open for the kiss & they were entirely BLACK! I blinked several times thinking it was a trick of my eyes or the dim lighting or whatever... but deep down I knew what I saw.

And right before my eyes, they changed back & the smile that spread across his face was equally as CREEPY! I sputtered a excuse of being tired or something to get him out of my place. He complied BUT that creepy smirk/smile never left his face!

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