Black Eyed... Me?

by Dan

Okay so it happened last night, my girlfriend had this weird dream, it was about me (I have short hair and no body modifications whatsoever). In her dream I had long hair and 2 earrings; One was a cross hanging by a chain from the ear, and the other one was a regular piercing. What's more... she said I had black eyes, and somehow, she said it was me but it wasn't me... like it was my body but not myself. Then her uncle appeared (note: he passed away 2 years ago)and told her that our relationship is just a fake thing and that it will end badly.

Hell, we've been together for about 9 years already, and we've never thought about breaking up. We love each other and we do fight sometimes, but it just ends with a good laugh.

I did some research on those black eyed thingies and so far all I could find out is that they are trouble no matter what. I do have some experience with ghosts, but recently something's changed. The street itself seems much darker than usual and I can feel residual energy. However, I've never felt this type of energy before. It's not just dark or light, but neither; something in between. It's just new and it gives me chills. It isn't scary, however it makes me get on full alert.

I tried finding some answers but I couldn't get anything, the part that really blows my mind I guess is... the fact that I had black eyes in her dream. I just want to know what it could mean since I couldn't find out any meaning for "dreaming of the person you love with black eyes".

Any help... please? :)

Yours Sincerely

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