Black Eyed People: My Experience

by Derek Wilson
(Grand Junction, CO, USA)

Several years ago when I was visiting my mother in Van Wert, OH I had many paranormal experiences.

For example: whispering in my ear, big dog-like growling outside my bedroom door, my closet door opening right before my eyes, and the list goes on. But one night stood out among the rest. This night has forever been burned into my memory.

I was just laying in bed getting ready to sleep and just when I closed my eyes I had a distinct feeling I should open them again. And when I did I saw a young boy around 5 to 8 years of age with grey skin, short black black hair and Pure Black Eyes. He simply stood there and looked at me before turning to his left and taking 2 steps and I blinked then he was gone. I felt no fear, only a feeling of connection. Like I knew the child. It was almost like looking at yourself in the mirror after many years without.

That concludes my story and I hope someone can provide me with some insight to this incident. Please email me if you have questions/comments or advice:

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