Black Eyed People?

by Summer
(Coloado Springs, CO)

This happened to me the other night; I am currently staying at a friend house as I transition to moving back home. Anyways it was about 1 am and I got hungry so I decided to go grab something to eat. Before I left I took my dog outside and there was this icy coldness that just hung around her porch and Kali (my dog) wouldn’t leave my side like she normally does to do her business. Instead she stuck by me with her ears down. It took a few moments but this sudden rush of terror came over me and I went back inside. Well, my stupid self was still hungry and we had nothing in the house to eat so I decided to still go out even though I still had the feeling of terror looming over me.

I grabbed a kitchen knife and went back outside and stood on the porch for a minute and that icy coldness was still there and it felt like someone was going to jump out at me. I ran to my car and the temperature difference from my friend’s porch and the rest of outside was so dramatic. It had to have been at least 80 degrees (F) outside. I ran to my car and drove to the McDonald's that was down the street and the whole time I was freaking out. I kept looking behind me because it felt like someone was sitting in my backseat and the feeling of dread followed me even in the car.

When I finally got home I ran back to the house and fumbled with the door and I will swear on anything I hold dear that there was someone standing behind me. I could feel their eyes on me but I was too scared to turn around and look so I just ran inside.

I stumbled across the stories of the black eyed people about a month ago and I’ve been trying to do research on them. I find the whole phenomenon very interesting and I wanted to learn more but after that night I can’t help but feel that maybe they don’t want me digging into what they are.

If anyone has any idea what that was that night or has any similar stories please let me know.

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