Black Eyed Person & Black Hooded Figure

by Dan

Well... my best friend came to me to sleepover and we talked about his uncle that died in a car crash, and he started crying and asked me to come with him to the cemetery.

It was like 2AM and I had to say yes. I couldn't let him alone. So we went there and we were like 1 and a half streets away when he started seeing a black hooded figure and he freaked out and started running. He was like really scared, and then I don't know how, but I ran really fast to him and grabbed him by the neck (I don't know how, I don't know how) and then he was more freaked out.

I let him go and he said, "you had black eyes... what are you? What happened?" I was really freaked out and I didn't even knew what Black Eyed is? Is it like something paranormal? And I didn't know anything til today when I found this website at school when i was browsing on my phone..:|

So anyone? Can you tell me what's wrong with me?
I don't feel like I'm a freak that wants to enter someone's house or wants a ride, but sometimes when I enter someone's house I think what if there is something there that can stop me from entering?

Anyone? Help? x_X? Thank you!

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