Black Eyed Thing

by Suzy
(New Zealand)

I was around 7 - 8 years old and it was late at night because my Mum & Dad were well in bed and it was that really silent time of night. I woke suddenly and was instantly aware of a presence in my room and for no apparent reason I felt scared. I looked up and to the side of my bed to see my brother standing still next to my bed just looking down at me. I could have reached out and touched him he was standing so close.

I said "What are you doing?" He said nothing, just stared down at me with a look on his face that was so angry and hateful. I was instantly unsettled. It was then that I started to notice some strange things about the way my brother looked. He had his pyjamas on, but he also had his old dirty jacket on; he always wore it but only outside on the farm, and this jacket was kept in the outside laundry. He stood so still that it seemed humanly unnatural, then I saw his eyes and they were completely black.

I knew this wasn’t my brother and I was so frightened. I’m now 38 years old and I have never felt terror like that and I have never seen such a pure look of anger, of hatred on any person's face.

I managed to say "go away" as I covered my face with my blanket. a few minutes passed and I peeked out from the covers. It was still there, just standing still seething hatred at me. Again I said "go away" as I covered my face and again a minute later when I peeked out it was still there, looking even more infuriated...

I remembered my religion instructions teacher saying that if we were ever scared, we should tell the bad feeling to leave in the name of Jesus Christ... I tried it, saying the words over and over again for several minutes. I didn’t peek out again for several more minutes, but when I did it was gone.

It was so dark in my room as we lived in a rural area so there were no street lights outside, but when that thing had been in the room I could see it so clearly. It wasn’t surrounded by light, it was just visible somehow. I wasn’t having a dream, I was very much awake. Other things have happened over the years, but I haven’t had another visit from the black eyed brother shifter. Thank goodness.

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