Black Eyed Woman, A Peronal Warning of Somesort?

by Martina

It was rather first even I had not believed myself, but as the event lead on my gut had given me a feelng that my suspicion had been correct; that I had ran across a Black Eyed Person.

Even from when I had woken up, something inside me kept telling me that my day was not going to be much like the others, that today I would need to take caution. I woke up with fear in the pit of my stomach, no reason for it to appear at all. My gut feeling was telling me that soon that feeling would double, triple and so on as the day continiued to pass, and thats exactly what had happened.

It was around May 28-30th 2010; one of those days. On that day, I had a dancing performance at "25th Carassauga Festival of Cultures on May 28, 29, 30." I was to represent my country by preforming traditional dances with my group members in the church we allways practice in. That tingle of fear in my stomach turned larger as the time had come to go to the preformance. It was not stage fright; I guarantee. It was a entirely differnt sensation, one I felt only once in my life, the time I had almost got hit by a car that had stopped half a meter from me. There was my innser self holding a riot inside my mind screaming "Don't go! Something is not right!"

As I neared the place, I had given into the idea that it may as well be stage fright; even though I've been preforming for over 5 years and the stage fright had turned into fun on my second year. But even so, I had decided that I would try my best to enjoy myself and chase away the fear, for it was realy uncomfortable.

I had been able to greet all my friends and we were waiting on the side of the stage to begin dancing after a song was over; I began to think more of the situation, the fear now returned, twice as forceful. I had heard of these Black Eyed Beings a month before this preformance from a friend, then read all I could find about them on google. I knew of the abnormal fear they gave off, the un-emotional way they behaved, the sick appearing skin tone and dark hair, the sometimes natural other times unusual clothing, sometimes they appear to be overly neat, some even say the way they take their steps while walking seems to be different, and the most obvious part, their pure black eyes; sometimes with a very small amount of white at the opposite ends of the eye.

At that moment while waiting, I had gone over the list of things mentioned above inside my mind, and I partly sank inside myself. The first thing I had thought of was "What if this fear, or feeling is to let me know one was near? I don't want to automatically assume it was one, but there still is a chance." I quickly began to scan the crowd, for it was not very large. I had seen no trace of one then, calmly getting on stage and enjoying the dance; or shall I say half the dance.

Even though I had seen none in the crowd, I had still kept searching, sliding glances at people to scan them for anything suspicious. Nothing. I had been feeling better then, but the fear had just then boosted. I was then looking in the corners of the crowds, when I saw her enter. I forgot I was dancing, even though my body was still moving, but my eyes glued to her.

She had long black hair, combed back and placed into the neatest high ponytail I have ever seen; her straight hair flat against her back like a wall. She had a peach-yellow skin tone, like someone who is on the verge of getting ill, but not turning that skick-like green yet. She had extremely neat clothes, on the bottom black a pair of pants who were tight at the top and widened near the bottom, while she wore a blue, black and white flower bouse at the top. When she first walked in, her face was not looking my direction, so I could not check her eyes, but something about her gave me the impression that she was the one who caused me this fear.

She first had her head turned to the left, slowly moving it to the right; it seemed as she had looked at every person sitting in the crowd, searching for something. When she turned her head over a bit more to the right, I had seen them, her eyes. Black. Her facial expression serious.

I then bagan to deny the fact that her eyes were pure black, I could not accept the fac that one of those beings was actually there inside the very same room as myself. I then thought my mind was playing tricks on me, and that it was because she was far from me that it seemed as if she had pure black eyes. I looked over to the man who stood near her, but his eyes were perfectly normal, I could see the whites and iris clearly; he too began to seem as he felt uncomfortable and shifted in his spot.

Her eyes then joined mine, and I was sure she was one of them. I cannot recall if she showed an expression towards me, but I do have a slight memory of her lips cracking a miniature smile, but I cannot say with tottal confidence, for I had mostly stared at her eyes. After 5 seconds of staring at eachother, she immediately turned on her heal and exit the preformance; my dance only having a minute left to it.

When the dance was over, I grabbed my friend by the arm telling her "We need to go look for someone, it's very important." I had told my friend of the lady, for she is a believer as well, and she informed me that she also felt a strange feeling inside of her as well.

The feeling began to lift not long after that, and we could not spot the lady anywhere. But even though the feeling had lifted a small amount, I still had most of the fear remain inside myself as something to remember the even by; and same went with the paranoid feeling I got every time I was outside in the parking lot.

I had only told two of my friends, for they are the only ones open minded enough to believe me. I saved all the details on myself for last, for if I had mentioned them in the beggining, I thought people might not take this seriously.

I am told that I act too mature for my age; and it's mostly the way I write of things that supprises people. But, I am a 13 year old female who finds it interesting re-searching on paranormal and extraterrestrial creatures and events. I know more on both catagories that your average person who you would find in any of your chosen social centers. I've had other experiences with paranormal things, but I will not get into them on this peice of writing for they will take this off topic. I only wished to share this story with others who are interested. I hope this helps whoever has wished to read this in finding out more about these creatures. Personally, they feel like demonic spirits possesing/takng form of normal humans.

I find it strange how fear has different effects on me, instead of wanting to leve the scene once I saw her, I wanted to follow her, find her, and see what else I could find out about these beings; already having the dangers in mind.

(I hope to find out more on these beings soon; maybe I shall post my other experiences on here at some point.)

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