Black Eyed Woman

by Katie

It was a few days after my sister was killed in an accident, so I always assumed that this black eyed woman was her... Up until I've read a few different stories of other people running into these "beings".

It was a little over six years ago, and I was sitting in the kitchen. Both my parents were out so I was home alone. I had invited one of my sisters friends over and we were talking about memories we've had with my sister.

My big sis was 17 when she died, she was killed in a car accident.

Anyways, while I was sitting there I looked out the window which was next to the front door, and that's when I saw it!! I will never be able to forget the way she looked. Her skin was a very pale white-gray color, and her eyes were soo black just starring into them felt like endless pits leading straight to hell. Her hair was covering her face, and she just stood there staring at me.

I've never felt that kind of fear in my life, and on top of everything that was going on, most people thought it was an hallucination. It doesn't matter what others think, I know what I saw, and especially what I felt. I've never ran into this woman again, and I pray to god that I never will.

I'm just glad these people aren't allowed in homes unless invited.

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