Black Eyes and Always Smiling

by Britney

I grew up in church my whole life - full gospel church. Dad was a pastor, I always knew demons where real but never would talk about seeing them. Look first off not doing this for what ever reason you're thinking just need insight on this.

Started far back as I could remember. I always saw this man with black eyes, a white & black face, long black coat, always smiling in dreams. He would torment me. After a while I stopped seeing him. Not long after my little brother ran inside out of breath saying a man was watching him play. He described the man I would see. My dad ran outside with a baseball bat, but didn't see anyone.

So now I am 22 and married and this creep gives me the heebie jeebies still even though I haven't seen him in years. The other day my niece jumped up off my couch and asked my aunt why there was a man in the yard. I went to the window to look saw nothing. I asked what he looked like and she described the same man.

Look all my years in a church that believes in demons and angels and I have yet to figure this thing out...

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