Black Eyes and Rainbow Hair

My name is Elizabeth Walker. I was born on May 27, 1988. When I came out, I had solid black eyes (no white at all) and rainbow hair (not literally the rainbow, but it was red, blonde, brown, black, grey, and white). For some reason when I turned 3 days old, my eyes changed to a normal Blue (which is what they are to this day) and my hair turned Blonde. Its now a sandy brown. Anyway, I'm not evil or anything, and no, I don't want to come into your home. Lol. But, I do have strange dreams and have had them for as long as I can remember... Always the same ones. One, its cloudy and grey outside and I'm flying over a city. No idea which city, and no clue how I'm flying. My other dream I'm outside and the sky is completely red. Comets start falling towards me then at the last minute they hit someone I love and care about instead of me. I try to jump in the way and I just teleport to the same spot I was at before. The comets still hit the ones I love. The only dreams I ever have are these. They are always the same and not one thing in them ever changes. What does this mean? Can anyone tell me?

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