Black Eyes, Red Hair

by Nicolette Cross

I was 15. Young, beautiful, and innocent. I had wild, curly red hair, it flowed down to my hips. I never had trouble with my family, they respected my privacy and I respected theirs.

It was mid-October. With the red maple leaves falling, and a brisk breeze blowing. My friends and I decided to throw a party. A big party, with streamers, and a costume contest. Yes, in the most haunted place we could book, my friend's house.

"Rebecca," she said calmly,"trust me. I'm so much more spiritually in control than it seems." I was nervous about the situation, it was 100% an illegal party. But I decided to take the risk.

I showed up early to help with decorations. My costume was a raunchy fire girls costume. I had a short yellow skirt on, with flame red suspenders. My red hair was in ponytails, and a small fireman's hat was bobbie pinned in. My friends came as sexy cats and stuff. We told ghost stories (well only Sarah did, she owned the house), but only one chilled me to my core. The one about the black-eyed beings. That if you let them in, they would rip out one of your vital organs, causing the victim to become one of them, forced to wander around to peoples houses and beg to be let in. Its scary to know those things are out there.

The party was huge. Liquor, drugs, the whole shebang. I started by running the snacks, then the music, but last I was stuck with door duty. Strange boys (that were most likely seniors) placed tips in the white lace bra I wore a a top. It felt slutty and downright wrong, but in the same way it felt absolutely amazing. But really late around 1:00 or so, a strange man came. He was young, around 16 or so. He had gorgeous brown hair.

I invited him in, not noticing the color of his eyes. Full black, as he leaned in and kissed my cheek, "thanks,doll," he whispered. His hand reached into my stomach and ripped out my liver. I shivered and screamed. He pushed a blade into my hand. "Do it"

I wandered up the stairs to Sarah. She stood in front of a mirror. She smiled and reached for a hug. Instead I drove the blade into her heart 6 times. Blood covered me. I looked into the mirror, my eyes went fully black and I smiled a grisly smile....

I left the party and wandered to a nearby neighbors house. A woman swung open the door. "Hello," I said gazing at her, "may I come in?"

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