Black Eyes

by Becca
(Sandy, Utah, USA)

Okay, first of all before I start I wrote a comment (on Black-Eyed Vampire), but I decided to write it for its own page for fun's sake plus I left out many details. Second of all I'm not sure of any of this. I was little but I trust my own eyes! And I don't care what anyone else says I saw what I saw. So here's my story...

It started when my mother told me a story of when they first brought me home. It was very dark and a man came over to my mother and asked for a ride to get in the car. He had longish black hair and all black clothing! He seemed to stare at me sleeping. Once my mom saw his face with him staring at her fourth little baby she knew it wasn't good to have him around so she told him no. He started to yell but was cut off by my crying and my mom ran to the car and locked the doors. She quickly drove away. The man just stared at me in the car - at least that's what my mom said to me.

When I was about two I fell from a two story window (thanks to the help of my fantastic babysitter and sister). I fell on a pile of rocks and the doctor said it is a wonder I'm alive. A two year old falling from that height and not getting hurt even a little - he said it's like I didn't fall at all, but I remember seeing just before I fell two black eyes. Ever since then I have dreamed off those black eyes, seeing them everywhere I go.

When I was very little I would always wander off and ask people to come to my house for dinner. I guess that's how he got in one night. I had asked a man - I can still remember very well that he had all black clothing and black hair and black eyes - and he told me no, but that he would come later so leave my window open. At the time I thought this was normal, I mean I was what five or six? Later that night I had seen him in my room. He looked down at me and smiled. I fell asleep after that.

A year after this I was driving home from vacation and we stopped for gas. I was playing with my sisters when they pointed to a strange man standing some 20 feet away just staring. My sisters told my mom, but I just waved to him because I had a sense I knew him plus I didn't think he was evil. My mom didn't see anyone when she looked. She told us it was our minds running away with us but she still seemed on edge after that. She would check behind the car every two minutes. We didn't know why.

Later on I would always see him wherever I went. At this age I thought this to be "normal" so I didn't tell my mom and again he did not seem evil. My mom called the police many times but they never found him. He was always in my dreams when I was little and I would unlock my windows every night. It was my way off inviting him in at night. I would feel a kiss on my cheek or a hug - I realize now that kissing a six year old every night could be creepy to someone but when I was little it was a way to know I was safe.

Even my brother would see things in our room (we shared a room) but he thought it to be mind tricks. Later on he found out about my unlocking the window so he started to lock it when I was sleeping and I stopped seeing him. My brother began to whisper warnings in his sleep to stay away from his baby sister and would be very protective. I later found a gift on a camping trip - it had my name on it! It was a little stuffed tiger. I still have it and keep it with me always. Nothing bad has happened when I have it. I know it's probably nothing and I am imagining it all but better safe than sorry! Soon I grew up and forgot about it or ignored it thinking "its all a dream", "it wasn't real", but no matter where I went I felt watched, even when alone or in a crowd. My dog (who has saved my life more than twice from a robber and/or my sisters ex who was fucking crazy - she gave him a key I mean WTH???) would growl at the back door and start being all protective when I was alone with her or if I hear something or even just out of the blue. I trust her and my gut feelings that something is watching me. I don't think he was trying to hurt me at that time but I think he was trying to get close to me. I always think back and secretly thank my big brother who knew what this thing might have done to me if I would have fully let it in. I'm glad my brother and mother and doggie helped to make sure it never got me.

I have read some comment on other stories and I just want everyone to know I am no fan of Twilight. I have never read her book but I did see her movie. She ruined vampires and mythology for me for a long, long time so please don't call me a Team Edward fan trying to make my normal life interesting. This really truly happened and I hope someone out there will believe me. Thanks for letting me share.

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