Blacked Eyed Girl

by Juliette
(Lindon, UT, USA)

I have had many encounters with various spirits. I have had a lot of women spirits cling to me, looking for help or whatever else they want. Pure White Eyed souls (creepy). One of which turned out to be my personal angel guide Hanah.

She hadn't moved on quite yet and was sent to the light, now she stays with me and protects me along with kicking my butt when I'm not working hard on my vigorous life path...

I have been half possessed by a lost soul who was in life an escort and was brutally murdered by a client Jerilyn. Shes also a guide now...

I've seen Onryo's and have helped them move on, Ive been attacked in my sleep by a spirit (bruises) Mary; She was a passing spirit, had no idea that existed. She was murdered by her brother and I reminded her of him. (I am protected from her now)

And I have had angel and dead family member guidance through signs and sense them around me often....(white animals,research, dreams and words)

I have cleared the spirits that used to roam the house I live in now. Except for a few that I cant seem to get rid of. They stay on the other side of my bedroom wall in the basement under my garage... and randomly about 7 times over the past year I will hear scraping. Started Halloween Eve...of course! *sigh* It doesn't sound like pipes or raccoons, or any sort of animal. I haven't been harmed, but its super eerie. And at times I will feel a presence on the other side just looking at me. I have a feeling their bodies were buried there and for some reason they are not at rest. I'll figure it out I am sure, but, at the same time I think they may have a connection to the new phenomenon I am experiencing. Even though I haven't heard any scraping for a few months.

So to get to the black-eyed people. I woke up earlier this year in the middle of a deep sleep to see an entity grabbing for me from the bottom of my bed, It was a man, black eyed, pale skin, creepy but intriguingly handsome. He was hovering in mid air and only the top part of his body was in my room like he was coming from another dimension or something. When I looked into his eyes I mentally shielded myself from him and as soon as I did he was pulled back through where he had come. I didn't know what to think but the first thought that came to mind was maybe that's a Dimensional Demon. Not necessarily evil, but not good either.

I write and get much inspiration from these random occurrences. So I started writing out what came to mind when I thought about him. What I write, usually ends up being pretty dead on true so I've come to find out throughout the years. These entities are the police of the mythical world, they keep them in check and some tend to lurk among us. They test us (vampire, demon tendencies) and the ones that act on hurting any human are punished.

Now this could all be BS but it seemed like an answer for me. I didn't worry about it.

Then about two weeks the start of October, I all of a sudden started having a heightened awareness that something was off, a gut feeling. That I was being watched and followed by an unsettled soul or two. Everything that I have done in the past hasn't worked so far... my guides or the angels wont assist me; besides maybe protection. Ive made this woman entity aware that I know she's there, I'll improvise songs in the shower asking why she'd want to hurt me, or if she even wants too, and how she needs to move on. Silly yes, but it helps me with any fear...

I am not really scared so to say but just unsettled and a bit nervous. My dog rarely reacts to anything in that realm but the other night when I went to bed he stayed near me (not normal for him) and he kept perking up his ears and looking at random spots in my room as if seeing something. I told him that wasn't funny... and of course had the gut feeling, but I wasn't going to let it have power over me. I grabbed him to say goodnight and when I put him down he looked straight behind me, at my wall with a nervous look and looked all along it. Now that made me super nervous since he had never done that; even with the scraping incidents, they didn't bother him. I turned off my light, and tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't. I kept feeling someone staring at me on the right side of my bed. I grabbed a blanket and slept upstairs on the couch.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have seen mental images of this girl, she looks kind of like a Onryo, but her long hair is usually slicked back and she has pure black eyes. She just stares at me... I don't get it. The thought came to me that maybe shes trying to get me to move out of the house since I've been told I need to leave to get to the next level in my life, but, financially I haven't been able to quite yet. I always counter it with the thought or spoke out loud that "Well you guys want me out? Give me a way out." Something that could be that way out is in the process for me now.

In the past my Angel Board didn't work... then worked for a while and since the beginning of October... when I used my Angel board (ask for protection from Archangel Michael)... it wouldn't work right. I'd put my hands on it and it would go to goodbye then welcome. Then start spelling the same thing over and over. I haven't been able to figure out what it says. YZ990STM was the first attempt; then RY9U, Z90U, ST8 OU...when I asked how many spirits were a part of what I was experiencing it wrote 4 9 0 then 5 9 0. Ive stopped trying to communicate that way since it has only weirded me out more, with the continuous goodbye then welcome...followed by jibberish.

If you have any ideas as to what that may say that would be great to figure it out. I am sure I'll be fine and I'll connect the dots to getting these or this entity where it needs to be, but... again I wanted to share.

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