Blacked Eyed Old Woman

by Ashley May Land
(Miami gardens Florida)

I was sitting in the restaurant eating Chinese food with my great aunt who is from South America and my little girl and out of the corner of my eye I see this old lady with all black eyes. She scared me she kept watching every move I made and I was stating to get freaked out.

Every time I'd go to look at her she would look away, but she made eye contact with me one time and a sense of fright went down my whole body and chills galore. I stopped looking at her and I kept looking for the corner of my eyes she looked me over. I felt mad and threatened and very uneasy. She was with an older man but I did not get a look at his face.

She would not eat anything but he was eating soup and mainly meats that I could see on the table in front of him. When I got up to go and get my food for the second trip it was like her and the man just disappeared in thin air. Their table was clear and everything.. I'm so freaking scared...

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