Black-Eyed Ghost

by Trys

Well, this story is right before I started fourth grade in the summertime.

You see, it was at night (most stories seem to happen at night, funny that), and everyone was asleep.

I know my family was all asleep because at that time, my family and I lived in a very small apartment. So, I could instantly hear if the t.v in the living room was on or if anyone was speaking.

All the lights were off and there was no sound. You see, I could hear anything clearly from my room because the apartment was small and my door was open.

Anyways, no-one was up, as I have made very clear.
So, all of a sudden, at around midnight, or at some other point in the middle of the night, I woke up. Usually, I don't wake up during my sleep unless there's some type of noise so it was very quite peculiar.

When the sleep cleared from my eyes I looked across the hallway toward the bathroom. I don't know why I looked, I just felt like I needed to.

So, when I looked at the bathroom, the door was closed and I felt shock rear up in me.

I wasn't shocked because of the closed door, that wasn't all too unusual. It was the fact that there was some sort of shadow looking person in front of it.

And almost like he or it or she (although it really looked more masculine than feminine) felt my stare, it looked up and caught my gaze.

I was shocked even further when I saw its' eyes. They were pure black, there was no color but black, no white, just plain black. Then my blood ran cold because it smiled at me.

I didn't like the smile; it didn't look all that nice. But anyways, it broke its gaze with me, turned around, and walked through the closed bathroom door.

As soon as it did that, I turned around in my bed to face the wall and pulled my blankets over my head and tried to go to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up exhausted and not wanting to go anywhere near the bathroom.

After that day, I always heard things or saw things out the corner of my eye.

Although, believe me, I have the gift(or curse) of seeing into the future when I dream.

Supernatural happenings don't really shock me too much, but that was the first time I actually saw something like that.

I can't really say that I was sad to move away from the apartment when my family finally moved.

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