Black-Eyed Man Encounter (2nd Hand Story)

by Monique
(San Francisco, CA)

This did not happen to me but I was intrigued to hear that this has happened to other people. I was told a story by a woman that I worked with back in the 80's. She was warning me not to go on this particular road (Pinehurst Road) in the Oakland (CA) hills.

She said that when she was still in high school (which would have been in the mid-70's) she and a boyfriend were driving around up in the hills with nothing to do. It was a warm night and they had the windows down and were just cruising through the hills. She said that when they came around a bend in the road there were a bunch of people just standing there milling around in the road. They slowed down and were going to to stop to offer help because they thought there had been an accident when one of the men turned around and they saw that his eyes were completely black, including the whites of his eyes. The man seemed to want to get into their car and they freaked out and sped off, almost hitting some of the other people who remained in the road. She told me she had never been back on that road during the day and she said she would never drive there after dark no matter what.

Because I was interested in the paranormal she kept asking me what he was or what was wrong with him. I had always remembered the story but figured it was a trick of the light as this area is way down in a canyon and there are no street lights back in there. Now I'm not so sure after reading about other people's encounters. In any case whether you believe the story or not, it predates the originally published story from 1998 by more than 30 years.

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