Black-Eyed Person "Encounter"

by Tori Kitchens

A few weeks ago, I met one of the mysterious "Black eyed people", which I had never heard anything of up until now on the internet.

I met him at the mall around closing time. He was wearing baggy, black pants and a black T-shirt. All black eyes, no white visible whatsoever. The first thing I felt was as if I wanted to run, to get away at any cost, because when he looked at me it seemed as if there was hunger in his eyes. At first, it seemed as if he had no personality as well, as if he was simply a zombie.

I decided to follow him by myself, however, and soon discovered that although I wanted to run, I was in no danger. I would suggest that there is something black eyed that is ingrained in our subconscious as something to be afraid of, but it is definitely not these Black eyed people. After I had observed him for a good time, I noticed that he had laughed, that he had smiled. I think it's just the instinctive fear, coupled with the fact that one of the most emotive parts of the face (the eyes) are covered, that gives us our feelings of foreboding.

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