Black-Eyed Person

by Max
(Grnd Junction,CO)

It was a Friday. My mom was working late. I went to let my dog out and there was a black eyed person. He kept saying "let me in". I felt a sensation in my hand. I opened the door... big mistake.

He burst in and everything went black. I woke up, but I was standing up. I looked around, but I didn't do that. My body moved without my permission. But it was not even my body. Because I saw my own body laying on the floor. My soul was looking through the black-eyed persons black, soulless eyes.

I could feel myself disappearing, my becoming a demon. I fought back as hard as I could. Then everything went black again. When I woke this time, I was on the floor in my own body. The door was wide open. I saw one glimpse of the black-eyed person, then he vanished.

So what I uncovered about black-eyed people, is that they are demons taking on the appearance of a human. Then they ask to be let in. If you don't, they take minor control of a part of your body, usually a limb or hand. When, or if, they get in, they trap you in their soulless eyes. Then they try to consume your soul and make you a demon. Hope this evidence and info helps.

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