Blood Knife

One night I was with my friend and we were having a midnight feast. After we raided the fridge and freezer we took it all upstairs then we had a party and played a few games. We played the game of bobbing apples (put apples in bows with water try to get out with teeth) after we set up we went down stairs to get a drink (FYI we were on our owns).

We heard a sort of rustling noise we thought it was mice so we carried on. Then we heard it again so we got our drinks and went upstairs and all the apples were gone. We looked at each other in suspicion so we started looking. We did not find anything so we put some music on and danced around then we heard a ghastly moan and a shrieking scream.

That was it. We went down stairs and we screamed silently as we saw a knife covered in blood and half a body. We tried to run and we saw Henry 8th looking over us. We fainted and never woke up.

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