Blood Shadows

by Olivia

Once there was a girl called Alexandra Pastrei. No one knew she existed, except one person. Her mother was called Alicia. When Alicia gave birth to Alexandra she died. Her father loved Alicia very much and blamed Alexandra for her death. Her father, Caleb, hated Alexandra and on her 14th birthday he tried to kill her. One of the neighbors was walking past and saw it and called the police.

By the time the police came they found Caleb hung up in the living room; they did not find Alexandra though. The police thought that he killed her and have hidden her body somewhere then committed suicide to avoid the consequences. But that's what they thought...

Alexandra ran away and her father hung himself up because he thought she'll go to the police now.

Alexandra ran away far far away from where she lived, she walked 13 days without stopping to get away from her old life, at night she got tired and decided to rest.

She stopped in a huge woods and made herself comfy in a small cave. In the morning when she woke up she found a man (about 35-40 years old) sitting next to her watching her. She got scared, after a while she started talking to him and told him the story of her life and asked him if she could stay for a while with him in this cave. The man agreed as long as every single day Alexandra would give him pleasure (basically have sex). She had nowhere to go so she had to agree.

And so every day for 4 years she gave him pleasure. Until one day Alexandra noticed her belly started getting big. She was pregnant. The man got mad and in her sleep he killed Alexandra and the baby then threw the body in the river. The body was eaten by the wild dogs.

But Alexandra is still alive and she kills anyone who tries to hurt a mother and a child. Then feeds the body to her own child.

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