I keep seeing these stories about being related to gods and such. But I never see physical proof. My last name is Charette, which so far has been investigated for 30 years, tracing my line to times before Christ himself, (I have to documents to prove) and my family didn't convert until the 1800's. In fact, my family history is so obscure they have no idea where the ideas they had were founded from.

Ever since I was ten years old I felt an ominous presence. Not a malevolent one, but a sort of, surveyor. Until I was 15, I never understood what it was. Until the source told me himself. At first it was one being, then two, then three. Currently it is only at three. They told me things, that shattered everything I knew.

At first I thought i was crazy, and they left me alone, until my 17th birthday where they said it was time to deal with facts. Only one gave me his name, they never showed physically. His name was Yausrya(I believe this to be the correct spelling). He said he was just interested to see me. I have never seen this name mentioned anywhere, so I had no idea what to think, the other two said the names will come in time.

What I've been told completely, and utterly, transcended my very existence. That everything I thought was wrong. That only few understood what they actually were, but the real devil was one that slandered and tore apart what they were, and usurped a mantle of god, Jehovah, the one god. That hes was the true deceiver. They pointed out things that where so clear, it is the only possibility. They told me all about the earth, the stars and what was going to happen, but that most things were better kept secret. They just left me saying that I needed to trust them, and not listen to what our parasitic race follows. That they were not what everyone made them to be. They told me there wasn't even a true name for the devil. But he went by what he pleased, and that Satan, was a derivative of the first words for humans.

That we have been so lied to and led askew, that we have lost all ancient knowledge given to us eons ago. But one day everyone will know the truth, as long as there intent is as strong as their will, but I will not know much of this before I die, as is unfortunate because we as a species can no longer be trusted.

This has only been the basics to what I heard. If I were to go on what Yausrya and his group told me, I'd be here for days. I just came to be the first to not believe almost anything you hear see or feel. He also told me where my last name became what it was.

It comes mostly from a roman interpretation, because in those times, my family were "chariot" builders. Or cart builders, but it still went back farther. Long story short it comes from a word which I can't recall, meaning "one who talks to the stars" or something along those lines.

Choose to believe or not. In the end, even I do not completely understand what I heard, or his purpose with me. As of my 19th birthday, he showed his form. In human like nature. He had a darker complexion, a purplish hued black hair. His eyes were of a deep blue nature and he was in black and white clothing with a gold belt. He wore also a necklace of clear, somewhat shining stone. He had a strong, but calm voice. He told me to hold hope, and cheer up a bit (I was not a happy teenager). Then he left once again.

Hopefully Yausrya will come again, and allow me to record what he says. And maybe see another form, if he really is, what we call, a "demon". But then again. Nothing is as we think it is.

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