Bloody Mary - My Experience

by Cristina Louise
(Yuma, Arizona U.S.)

I can't even explain this one. I was a 7th grader, typical after school day.

I was at my friend Maria's house. It was like 6pm and Maria and her mum had to go to the corner market to get something real quick. I said I was fine staying there. I watched half a movie and I got bored. It was about 6:45. I decided to do something that wasn't meant to be played with. Bloody Mary.

Now I know all the stories you've heard. Maybe you believe then but at the time, I thought the story was stupid. I read how to play it and I go into her loo. I step on the cold tile of the floor. I look at myself in the mirror. I start daydreaming and going into a daze, thinking. Then I remembered what I was doing.

I turn off the lights, no mobile, just me, candles, and the mirror. I turn off the lights and I grab the lighter which was in my pocket and I set the candles on fire. I set one candle in the corner of the sink table. I set the other in-front of the mirror, but just below it. The third I held right below but in-front of my face.

I stared at the mirror. I said slowly, "Bloody Mary" It took me about 30 seconds just to say Bloody, I was kinda getting scared. I tried not to wimp out, but something told me to stop. I didn't listen. I refused. I wanted to know what she looked like and if she was real.

After the first time, I said, "Blooooody Maaaaaaaaaary" and that one took me 3 times as more seconds to say it. I started feeling hot. My skin felt as if it was going to melt. Burst into flames. I thought about all the horrible stuff. All the stories. The whole meaning behind Bloody Mary and I was dull looking and just white. I saw a spark behind me (behind me was the shower curtain).

I started to say my third "Mary" when my heart felt sick. I felt dizzy. But I was curious, I wasn't going to give up. As I started to say my last Mary, I was super hot shaky and just really scared now. I could barely stand up. I very slowly said "Bloody" and this sharp piercing cold wind and chill came across me. Out of nowhere, it all happened so fast I didn't even realize the curtain open but I noticed an ugly figure in the corner closest to me. I saw her face. I'm drop dead serious. She had a very weird and creepy face. Her face was cracked, she was bleeding from her eyes and she had a pale face. Thin lips, dark eyebrows and blackish hair.

I started regretting everything. I wanted to stop. I wanted to just go and dance and be happy and not be where I was. She was coming closer. As I looked in the mirror she comes closer she held both her arms out towards me and I saw a white light. My face stung. My heart felt as if it was going to explode, when all of a sudden she went back and she put her finger to her lips as if she was telling me to "Shhh" and the door swung open and the light turned on by itself and the candles burnt out. I stood there breathless. Motionless.

Maria said, "What are you doing!?" She saw this mark in the mirror of a hand print. She noticed how white I was and to my surprise, the curtain was back in place how it was when I entered the loo. I fell and she caught me, I told her what happened and she believed me. A month later, she moved. Ever since then I haven't played it.

Believe me or not, I don't care. I know what I saw. I know what I experienced.

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