Blue Eyes

by Savannah

Ever since I was young I have been experiencing strange things. The very first thing I remember was when I was 5 and began having dreams of a tall, well built man with blonde curly hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He came to me in a dream one night and told me he wanted to protect me.

Now, understand I hadn't ever gone to church or even opened a Bible at this time and although I'd heard the term angel used I didn't know much about them. With that said, suddenly I began talking of Bible stories and angels, especially in reference to revelation and the final battle. One day at school I had a vision that I would trip and fall down a hill that was on the playground. Sure enough, I did just that. On falling down the hill I saw a tree catch on fire and snakes writhing at the bottom. I couldn't stop myself and yet the man from my dreams grabbed me before I reached the bottom. When I looked to the tree it was normal.

The last time I saw Aden, the man from my dreams, was one night I dreamed I was in a forest. I came to a clearing and in it was a tall shadow. It smelled of death and I wanted to leave, but it wouldn't let me. I called Aden and he came running. He attacked the shadow and it threw him across the clearing effortlessly. It then opened the ground and grabbed Aden. I tried to help him, but being 5 there wasn't much I could do. Before the shadow threw him in he told me "I'll be back for you."

I told all of this to my family and they told me it was just a dream. So I let it go. Then, when I was 6 we lived in a house where I saw strange things. I again told them and they claimed I was imagining things. Then, my grandmother died and years later we moved into her house. I saw her several times and this time someone else did too. I began having dreams again at about that time only these were of death and war. Quite a few involved burning buildings and dying children. They were frightening and reminded me of Aden, but I didn't want to be that girl again.

At 16, I began having visions of a castle located in France that was rumored to be built because Archangel Michael instructed its construction. I also dreamed of a glowing road leading to this castle which I believe to be the St. Michael's Ley line. I dreamed of a silver skeleton key with 3 stars on it and a grey horse with a white star on its head. This I found odd because as I have learned since my last name actually means silver horse. I hadn't thought about Aden in years, but the previous fall when I was sick with the flu and laid in bed shivering with cold it felt like someone laid down next to me and kept me warm. For some reason the first person I thought of was Aden.

Skipping back to when I was 15, I met my best friend. She and I are a strange pair, but something else links us that I don't fully understand. I never told her about Aden, but one day she begins telling me of strange dreams that she had when she was 6, she is a year older than me and from the timing she had her dreams directly before I had mine. She dreamed of a man that fits the description of Aden to a T and said that while he never spoke to her she knew he left because he had to go protect someone. She said in her dreams they were always looking for something, but she never knew what. After she told me her dreams I shared with her about Aden.

My 17th birthday has always seemed extremely important to me and the closer I got to it the more anxious I became. I started seeing things out of the corner of my eye, but nothing was ever there. I thought I was going crazy. Sometimes I would have thoughts come to me that were not mine. It wasn't until the dreams started again that I believed something was actually happening to me.

I began waking at night and would focus really hard on a certain spot in my room, feeling like there was something there. I once woke up and was standing outside in a rainstorm. Even stranger was that there were lights bouncing around in mid air and I couldn't pin them to a source.

After turning 17, I dream of a baby. I know the baby isn't mine and yet in the dreams I would do anything to protect him. I have seen him as a toddler too and he had curly brownish blonde hair and I always want to call him Bram. I am never alone with the child, but I never see who is with us.

Ever since I was 5 I have been waiting for something. I feel like I need to be ready to leave at a moment's notice and that I need to be prepared. Only I don't know for what. I have always held a soft spot for angels. It's strange, but I don't see things in the same way other people do. I look at thing in the big picture and the little details because they lead to the big picture. I don't understand any of this and won't even pretend to, but someday I hope to see Aden again. If only to make sense of everything.

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