Blue Figures and the Monster In My Closet

by becca !!!

Okay again I wrote this as a comment first but hey why not write it all out now? Soon after the black eyed man started to visit every night I would have dreams that I would be running through total darkness (BTW I was 5 at the time). I was very scared. I seemed to be following a man's voice. Soon after running I came to a set of three doors. I would always choose the middle one cuz that's where the voice was coming from.

When I opened the door I would get pulled in and end up staring at a small sleeping child, but the child looked all dark blue - no eyes or detail about it. To be honest it looked like a 2-D figure. I would reach out to touch the child and it was always very hard to. Something wanted me to stay there so when I touched it I woke up in the same pose as the child. I'm sure I had been looking at myself.

The next night I had the same dream and it continued for two years until I was seven (this was about the time my brother was shutting out the black eyed man and keeping him away from me), but after each dream I would see crazy things like I would see a pack of wolves attacking my brother and then suddenly be gone. Then a little man in my closet with bloody hair and red eyes and a wicked grin he would put his boney finger to his lips and go "shhhh or I kill your family" then he would smile and disappear.

I have never told anyone but I did freak out my family for many years. I went to many child psychologists but I wouldn't stop seeing my "friends". Some times I would sneak away from the dinner table then go to the living room and talk to Jackie - a tall man with black hair and blue eyes and sharp teeth. He was mute so I would do most of the talking. I would ask him things like "are you going to hurt me?" "do you know the black man I miss him so much" "are you going to hurt my family like the man in my closet wants to do?" He would nod or shake his head.

Once my mom found my drawing of them she made me promise not to talk to my "friends" anymore and to ignore them. I told her they would hurt her if I didn't talk to them but she wouldn't listen so I stopped talking to them I even rejected the black eyed man the last time I saw him. I do not miss my "friends" but I am amazed I wasn't scared to death cuz stuff like that scares the crap out of me nowadays.

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