Broken Cross

by Andrew AJ
(Eastlake Ohio)

I was about 15-16 when my story occurred. First off, I have an 18th century house so it's creepy enough as is; it's documented there were numerous deaths in my house and around the land. Here goes nothing...

My grandfather is a well rounded carver and a minister at a church. He and I made a carving of a cross out of soap out at his parish. I took it back to my house and immediately got a weird feeling when I walked into my house. Knowing what generally happens in my house I shook it off. The soap carving of the cross was put in the second floor bathroom of the three floor house.

My family and I went out one afternoon for lunch and upon returning to our house we found that same soap carving (that was in the second floor bathroom) on the first floor. The cross was perfectly placed in the center of the first floor entrance to the stairs. Here's the kicker the soap cross was snapped in half with precision. Clean snapped in half no doubt about it and moved to a different floor. Our house was locked and we all left together and returned at the same time so it wasn't any of us that did it. Any ideas anyone?

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