Broken Down Schoolhouse

by Seasonstar
(unknown (or maybe I just dont want to tell you))

One day (can't remember the exact day) my friend and I were walking with my sister down this old, shut-down school that we were fixing up. We were laughing and telling jokes when I looked through the front office window to see a chair facing away from us. I turned and laughed to a joke before turning back to the window. My eyes widened when I saw the chair again. It was facing towards us this time. No one else was in that room (or wing) besides us.

Yet that's not the only ghostly story in this school. It was around my sister's and my own birthday party. My sister had gotten a cat whom we named Spinx. We also had a Pomeranian named Xena. My sister's cat was walking along the edge of the couch when suddenly he turned sharply to the corner and started to hiss and arch his back. He made low cat-growls in his throat- but nothing was there! Soon after my dog turned to a different corner and started to bark and growl fiercely. She cowered away from whatever presence was there, and I knew it had to be haunted.

The next story took place in that school's gym. I was playing with my friend (the same one as before) in the gym, recording these silly "commercials" on my MP3 player. Soon, I had an idea. I grinned at her and said that I was going to record the ghost's voice. I was going to go to the cafeteria, which is (in my honest opinion) the most evil of the rooms. She said she'd rather not go. Now I don't blame her. It freaked me out so bad I was about to have a heart attack.

Anyway, I went in and asked a few questions like "how did you die?" and "Do you want to hurt someone?" Standing there, I heard nothing, not wind, nor the sounds of play from the gym just across the hall. My ears were straining too, so much that they rang in the complete silence. After each question I paused to listen, and to allow room for words. I swear, I felt some kind of evil presence before me as I spoke. Even now I can say exactly where it had been standing, and where I had stood.

I listened to the recording. It had my voice, then afterwords there was a sound much like wind, but it wasn't. It was to high, too silvery to be wind. It sounded like someone was whispering, and their voice held the faint sounds that stood out when most people whisper. My dad said to delete it, so I did in a moment of panic.

Yet that's not all. There are tunnels beneath the school. Just a few that led from a stairway in the hall to the cafeteria. They were easy to navigate, and amazing. You had to have a flashlight to find the light switches down there, but we were undaunted (my cousins and I). We went down there, and at first, it was just fine. Amazing, even. Then, as we went deeper into them, I started to get an uneasy feeling. Not fear, for I know the difference. It was a feeling of being watched, of being cornered. By that time I was watching the corners of my eyes and trying not to let the feeling scare me. I saw many rooms full of dusty, old, forgotten things and dark tunnels with concrete pillars. By the time we emerged in the cafeteria, the feeling had died away.

Okay, this is a very active place. I have many stories (since I was here with my parents literally every day over summer and the ensuing term). Every night, as we finished up the day's work, around midnight we'd go home to sleep. Every night I'd walk down the same hallway to the side doors to get into our truck in order to go home. Every night, there was only one light on in each hall. I'd walk cautiously down the hall.

Ever since the first night I knew what to expect. I heard it every time I walked down that hall at night. A sound from the boy's bathroom. It's like water dripping, but the water was off in the place and it was quite dry outside. Then there was the sound of a little child crying, and the whimper of a dog. Yet there wasn't a dog anywhere nearby.

The last story of this school I am to share would be the night I slept over. It was a day when our family was very busy- and had something that made us have to sleep there one night. We had just had a bunch of mattresses and beds transferred over, all uniform. I had laid down in the one designated to be mine and closed my eyes. Some of the metal headboards to the beds were stacked against the wall behind me, and my sister's bed was just a nightstand away from mine. Everyone had gone to bed already, and were sleeping quite soundly. I was in fifth grade at the time, and quite tormented by many ghosts. I feel like an insomniac most nights, my mind will not rest for hours after midnight, then I finally fall asleep sometime after. This night I would remember. Everyone was asleep, when suddenly the headboards that were stacked behind me started to quickly be tilted away and slammed back down. It didn't wake anyone up, because whoever/whatever had done it had done it quietly, and quickly enough for only me to notice.

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