The Demon Buer

Rank: President
Legions: 50
Strongest: Early May (and when the sun is in Sagittarius)
Demon Summoning: Daytime, light blue candles, mercury, aloe

Like many demons, Buer often appears in more than one form. The most recognizable form to modern society is that of a centaur - a creature having the head and torso of a man and the body of a horse. The other, perhaps more common form of Buer is having the head of a lion in the middle of a circle of 5 goat legs. In this latter form the Demon President is said to be able to move in all directions like a gyroscopic sphere. Most, if not all, demons have a human or angelic-looking form, though there is little information on Buer's "true" form.

His specialties are logic, philosophy, and healing. Buer can teach much about using herbs to cure diseases and, if invoked, can heal the wounds and sicknesses of men. To aid his healing he uses many subordinate demons to assist him and may even give a dedicated summoner the services of one of these demons to use in his or her healing practices as a familiar spirit.

Though demons are not known to be "straight-edge", Buer in particular does not approve of the recreational use of drugs or alcohol. Perhaps it is because he feels this to be detrimental to the healing processes that he is so involved in. Whatever the reason, one should certainly not summon him while under the influence of drugs or alcohol as this would most assuredly be interpreted as disrespectful.

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