Bullied, Now Scared

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Okay, this happened in 2007/06. It was late and I was watching a movie when I heard a noise in my closet. I ignored it then all the sudden something screamed my name and said "help me". I ran out of my room and saw my sister sitting at the computer. I told her what happened and she went into my room and checked my closet. Nothing was there so I went back and I asked her to sleep in there with me. Later we were talking when we heard someone laughing in the closet. We both ran out. We didn't want to sleep in there so we slept in our brother's room. We finally went to bed and woke up in the morning. I didn't want to go back into my room anymore so I moved out of there.

A couple weeks later I moved in with my sister into her room. Later that night we were playing games and we had the window open and believe me it was dead outside - no one around esp between 3 or 4 am - we heard someone yell my name and it wasn't someone's voice we recognized so we shut the window.

The next night our parents came back from the city. It was pitch black, only bathroom light was on and I thought my dad was standing in front of me as I was talking away. I felt heavy breathing on me I said "dad?" Then I heard my dad from his room. He opened his bedside light and I saw my dad there on his bed. I looked in front of me. I was confused and asked my dad how did you get there so fast? He said "you woke me up". Then out of nowhere I got pushed and fell onto a table in the hallway. My dad came running out of the bedroom, my mom woke up, and my dad started yelling "leave her alone!" We heard banging then my mom grabbed me and someone pulled my hair. I fell back then we all left the house.

Next day we went to a woman. She held my hands and said "don't leave her alone". Then later that day my mom's uncle came to see us. He said "who was that tall dark man with some bird on his shoulder that looked after your house while you were gone?" We didn't know anyone like that in our little town so my parents had the house blessed and I haven't had any problems ever since.

But now I feel someone is always watching me. Most times I see dark shadows from the side of my eyes, but when I look I see nothing. I can't even sleep in the dark, I have to have the lights on everywhere I am scared it might happen again.

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