Bullying Has A Price

by Alex

A typical high school with your typical cheerleaders, jocks, nerds, loners, and of course, the bullies.

One bully is a typical 16 year football player whose name is Cameron. He always bullied this 14 year old, Zero.

Cameron did every bad thing to Zero. Ripping up homework, ruining his lunch, stealing, and even dated his crush.

One day the bullying went too far.

In chemistry class, Cameron was picking on Zero. The 14 year old managed to get some courage and said, "Who do you think you are? You think you can do all these things? You think you're so great? You don't know that things like this can have a price, you rotten jerk. You're gonna get what's coming to you. You're doing all these thing cause you're really just scared, spoiled, and weak."

That made Cameron furious. He grabbed the pencil that was on his desk and stabbed Zero, right in the heart.

Cameron pinned the boy down,the started to punch him.

Then he grabbed a beaker and smashed it into Zero's face.

The teacher ran over. "CAMERON!"

The 17 year old stopped. The teacher checked Zero's pulse. "He's gone." He said.

The students looked at Cameron, angry. There was a soft laughter,but only Cameron heard it.

Soon,Cameron was sent to a juvenile justice center. He was then released a year later.

At school, no one ever talked to him. At some point later on, Cameron was alone in the bathroom, then he heard a soft laughter.

"No one loves you. No one would even talk to you. You got kicked off of the football team. Your girl dumped you." A voice said. "Now it's time you payed the ultimate price!"

Cameron flinched, then looked in the mirror and saw Zero. The boy had scars all over his face. Blood ran down his chest. He was holding a knife.
"I warned you that things like this have a price. Now you are going to pay. With you life." The boy hissed.

Cameron freaked out."S-sorry,man! I know what I did wasn't cool!"

"Wasn't cool? Wasn't cool?! WASN'T COOL!?!?!?! IT WAS FREAKING HELL!" Zero cried. He charged up to Cameron, then stabbed him. The ghost boy continued to stab him, then immediately stopped.
"I don't like this place. This place...is hell." He whispered, then disappeared.

The high school is now haunted by the young ghost boy Zero. In the halls you may hear a voice of a boy saying "Help" or "I don't like this place", but the most common one you'll hear is "This...is...hell!"

If you go to the boys bathroom you can sometimes see a reflection in the mirror of a young boy crying tears of blood. Go to the gym, you may see a boy sitting on the bleachers, muttering to himself. If you talk to him he'll talk back, or disappear. In the cafeteria you may see a boy sitting alone. If you sit next to him he may say something to you, then disappear.

Some teens have claimed to see a boy scolding some teens who were harassing a group of teens younger than them. Others have claimed that they actually talked to him, asking him what was wrong. The ghost usually replies, "No one likes me."

The ghost sometimes will haunt any one who harms others. He may hurt them, or kill. Everyone at school makes sure to watch their actions. They don't want to pay the price.

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