Bumps In The Night

by Chanel Smith

There are three kinds of people in this world. The ones who believe in spirits, vampires, werewolves, etc. Those who don't, and those who think there could be. I have always believed in the things greater than myself, life is too illusive to think that there are just humans and no "mythical creatures".

However, I've come to share another story that won't be believed, and that's okay, those who believe it, they know. We know. Normally, I keep this to myself however since you all don't know me, I am willing.

Last night as I was sleeping, I became restless, and I quickly fell back to sleep. (I get restless every night). Last night was different. I was lying on my back and while my eyes were closed I began to cough, very lightly at first, until the tickle became unbearable and I started choking. It felt as if the breath was being taken out of me. This was not just midnight coughing (dry coughing).

My chest did not hurt, and I could move. I just was unable to open my eyes or lift up my chest, it was as if I was being forced there. And just as fast as it came, it left. I was quickly back to sleep.

More importantly however, I see shadow people. Every now and again I see them darting through walls. This continues to happen now and I embrace it because I know how special it makes me, as well as the other people that experience this. We are gifted with extra senses. Some doctors will call it extra dopamine in the brain, or serotonin and it may be, but without it, how can we see what we see that others cannot (not including drugs)? Scary, but fascinating life I live.

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