Can Anyone Help My Friend?

by Collette

My friend is called Billie. She's had quite a few supernatural ghost encounters. But there's one that kind of freaks me out.

Basically, Billie was asleep and then woke up. At the end of her bed was a girl in a Victorian sort of dress that looked exactly like her little sister. This thing looked angry.

I can't remember what she said happened then but the fact is it looked exactly like her little sister. Billie assures me that this wasn't a dream.

On the day before my my birthday this year(2012), I had a sleepover. I was in my bed, and we had to camp beds on for Billie and another for my other friend Katherine. Now, Katherine's a bit of a light weight when it comes to sleep and was asleep when this happened. I was reading and Billie was dozing.

On one of my walls I have a big picture of a fallen angel (it's awesome) and Billie opened her eyes and saw it walk across my room. I was looking at my book and looked up to see Billie ghost white and hurrying out of her covers. I was leaning forward in my bed, and she jumped behind me. I was asking what happened and she was answering and I thought she was sleepwalking or something. Finally she told me she saw the picture walking.

I told her to go back to bed and I'd put the light on a higher setting (I have a touch lamp with a low, medium and high light setting next to my bed). After that I went back to reading but had a funny feeling.

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