Can It Be? (Part 2)

by georgia

Well first of all here is the link to my first entry:

Okay. All the comments on my last story helped A LOT and got me to finding out some things...

Well as I mentioned my mum can see ghosts and recently went to see a psychic. The woman spoke to my mum about a little boy around the age of 3 with blond hair. I mentioned in the last entry about a vision I had of a blond boy calling me sister, the boy would have been about 2 (as it happened last year). And well, 3 years ago, my mother had a miscarriage. I believe the boy calling me sister and asking for help may be my brother that was never born.

The dreams I wrote about have stopped but this boy hasn't. He appears in all my dreams but under different names, often; Damon, Daniel or Darian. I noticed they all start with D.

I haven't had many visions lately, but I have been left home alone a lot. Mostly that's because I want to be. I don't like being surrounded by people even my own family, but when I'm left alone I feel something watching me. I still don't like having the curtains open and when I'm in one room (and home alone) I hear things as if some one is running around the house; it's like someone playing hide and seek, or that's what it feels like. I don't think I've ever heard voices though, but it feels like something is playing hide and seek with me.

On the topic of not hearing voices, I don't but I do hear things others don't, simple things like a car far away or an owl. I'll turn and say something like 'I can't get to sleep with that stupid owl going off' and they will say, 'what owl?' (You'll hear about my friend later, but she thinks that they also could be noises from a past life that I'm hearing.)

As for this lost memory thing people were commenting about, I thought they were probably right until I spoke to my friend (more like my sister though) about it. She said that she thinks that in another life maybe I did something horrible and that's where the visions are coming from. She thinks something is linking me to my past life. Maybe this boy? What if he's a demon or something?

I don't know if it's right, but I look for him, when I go out. It's like I have this feeling that draws me to him. I have no idea who he is and I think maybe that he is hiding, but trying to get me to do this dreadful thing again, but I don't know what it is!

Also one day she (my friend) stayed with me when I was left home alone, (well not completely alone cuz, ya know she was there) but she heard the running too, and she freaks out at anything! So when a door slammed upstairs she wouldn't come with me to check it out.

It had came from my nan's room (I was at my nan's house) - the room that I always didn't like. If I was left home alone I wouldn't even look at it as I came down the stairs. I always felt as if something was watching me from there. I called for my friend, but she stayed at the bottom of the stairs. The door was closed but I nudged it and nothing was there. Nothing was out of place. Nothing.

Later that evening when I went up to bed, I opened my bedroom door and a light went flying across the room. I came into the room to try and see what it was but, there was nothing.

I just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas as to what is going on? Thanks.

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