Cattails: One August Day

by K

August fourteenth I was playing in the park with my childhood friend that was two months younger and unlike me she was, well a she. We where both sitting on the swings and she was holding a pure black cat. At that fleeting moment the cat jumped off her lap and ran towards the street that split the park and the large building that made up the city. As the cat ran off she chased after and a few steps behind her I followed.

When she chased after him she failed to see the large moving truck that was coming. At that single moment that her feet touched the street she finally noticed that she was in danger, but I was unable to save her. At the end of that cold moment she was laying on the ground bleeding and broken. I rushed over to her body that she had already departed from and I clung to it with tears flowing down my face, with people staring and a woman in the background screaming.

Just then I look up and seen a boy wearing a short sleeve black zip hoody and black hair that looked just like me and even had the same face, yet he stood in the crowd... and the cat was nowhere to be seen...

Just as I saw him I awoke in my bed and I looked at my phone that was beside me. It was a little after ten on August fourteenth so I got up and rushed over to the small park on the edge of the city that we said we would meet at the day before. As I rushed to the park I noticed a pure black cat in the distance. When I got to the park it was a bit early compared to the meeting time so I just sat on the swings and waited in my white short sleeve zip hoody and my light blue shorts.

It was a while before she showed up and when she did we sat on the swings and talked for a bit. Then a same black cat came back and was rubbing up against her leg when it got startled and ran off in the direction of the street. The moment she got off the swing to chase after I grabbed her arm and said I wanted to go. So we left in another direction. Although there was a street in that direction as well so I made sure that no vehicles where coming when we crossed.

The moment we got across a woman screamed and people were staring up so I was about to look up when that boy in black grabbed my arm and pulled me forward as iron poles from a tall building with construction going on fell and impaled her.

I stood in disbelief as she faded away, then I noticed that the boy was gone and...

I awoke in my bed. It was a little after ten on august fourteenth so I jumped out of bed and ran out. I intercepted her on her way to the park and grabbed her hand and rushed up a walkway above the street when the boy appeared leaning against the rails of the walkway and said it's pointless.

At that fleeting moment she tripped and fell backwards down the steps, broken and bleeding again...

I awoke again and again on August fourteenth in my bed, time after time, only to get the same result. Until we were sitting at the swings and again the cat jumped off her lap and ran towards the street.

As always I chased after, but this time when she got to the street I shoved her out of the way only to be hit by a moving truck. As I lied there in the road broken and bleeding she ran over and cling to me as her long black hair fell upon my face as tears flowing down her face. Just like before people stared and a woman in the background screamed.

Just then I noticed the boy in black in awe and with the cat at he's feet at the edge of the park.

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