Charlie Charlie

by Rose

At the moment I am 14. Quite a few really freaky thing have happened to me. I am going to share three of them.

When I was about 6 me and my dad where in his big black truck. At the moment it had been parked out in the back ally. My dad said he was going to go inside and grab something. Also to lock the gate (we were going to the store). When he left I was sitting in the truck alone with my seat belt on. The keys where left in the engine. All of a sudden the truck started moving and I was frozen in position. I watched as the wheel turned as the truck backed out of the ally and onto the street. The truck reached the front of my house and turned around, going right back to the ally. I finally unfroze and my dad came out the back door and into the truck. I told him what happened but he didn't believe me. To this day I still think it was haunted. Luckily about two moths after this happened we bought a new truck.

The next time I remember anything paranormal happening to me was when I was 11. One night I was getting ready for bed and I heard a screeching noise. I freaked me out a little but didn't faze me. I kept getting ready, turned the lights out and went to bed. When I woke up about an hour later I felt like someone was watching me. I peaked my head out from underneath the covers and saw two red glowing eyes. I quickly pulled my covers over my head and didn't open my eyes till morning.

This story has to be the scariest of them all. It happened just a little over a year ago. Me and my friends were in science class when my other friend showed us this site called scary for kids. It's this site with scary games to play involving ghosts and stuff. We decided to play this game called the Pencil game. The pencil game involves 6 pencils. And you call on the ghost of charlie by saying "charlie, charlie can we play" 'charlie answers yes or no questions by moving the pencils in or out. After we played it we all felt this weird vibe. The bell rang and we went for lunch. We all stayed together. When we came back to the classroom I went on my computer and my friend went of her iPad. The teacher started talking and told us to take notes. When my friend with the iPad opened a word document the words 'Charlie wants to play' appeared. This freaked us all out. The note was saved at exactly 11:56. This was the exact time as the bell rang. All of us had been there and we all saw that the iPad was in her bag at that time. We decide to play the game again and see what would happen. We asked it that if something was their give us a sign. A minute later a poster fell in the back of the room. Just to make sure we asked it to turn off a laptop if it was there. My laptop immediately turned off and it wouldn't turn back on. After that we all vowed never to play the game again because it was too freaky.

Well, those were some of my experiences what are yours?

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