Child of Cerberus

by Coyotemedium

This is real. I'm not lying I just want help.

I have always been a person who loved canines. My spirit animal is a coyote. I was deeply meditating when I started to feel dizzy then I think I fainted. I was in some sort of torture chamber. Blood splatters lined the walls. I could see in three different directions somehow. As if having 6 eyes.

I was standing above a pool of blood when I looked in to it and saw myself as a coyote but there was something strange about it. I had red eyes black fur and three heads. I examined my paws which where surely the paws of a coyote. I could smell the heavy scent of fresh blood in the air. Supposing this was a dream I bit myself. Some of my fur had been torn off but no scratches. I heard footsteps then I suddenly couldn't remember anything about who I was.

A huge three headed black dog stepped out of nowhere. "My child. Do not be afraid," said Cerberus. (Cerberus wasn't speaking English but somehow I was able to translate it.) "Child?" I asked. (I am stupidly brave sometimes.) "Yes. You are my child. Will you come back with me to hell. We can guard it together, my child," Cerberus said. "I don't think I'm strong enough," I said. "Very well," said Cerberus. "You are my child. I've chosen you to be my child. You are the perfect child. I will visit you every full moon after you go to sleep. I will ask you again next full moon, my child," Cerberus said. Then Cerberus scratched my back with it's claw. A long sires of differently shaped scratches. "This will let you remember your real home. Hell. Go to your fake human home," Then Cerberus screamed. "COME BACK, TO HELL, CHILD," It scared me so much that I went running all the way back to my house.

Getting there was all sort of a blur. I crashed through a window jumping high in to the air. In the morning when I woke up I noticed that the window was shattered. Then my back started burning. I looked at it. Scratched in to my back were the words "COME BACK, TO HELL, CHILD,"
I don't know what to do. Cerberus keeps visiting me in that same dungeon every full moon.

I really need help so please comment. I don't know what to do.

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