Childhood Terrors

by June
(Bay St. Louis, MS)

When I was about five, I shared a room with my younger sister. We had bunk beds, I had top, and always kept the TV on and the door open. One night, it must've been around 1 AM, I woke up. I glanced over at my door and saw a man. He was dressed in a black suit, the only thing that was visible were his hands, which were a pale blue. His head wasn't a normal human head. It was like those dead bull skulls you see in cartoons in deserts, it had horns that reached to the top door frame. He stood there motionless. I was terrified. I looked down and couldn't move. My body was frozen. Finally, I mustered the courage and screamed for my mother. I don't remember anything after that.

Another time, in the same house, we had a playroom right next to our dining room. Well I was talking to my uncle and I'd open the door and close it, open it and close it. I didn't slam it, just pushed it. Well, I sat down to eat (the door was open) and it just slammed closed. I was around 6/7.

Yet again, in the same house, my cousin was babysitting my two sisters and me. I was sitting down coloring at a table right by the hallway which had my room in it. It was pretty late at night and we had a lamp on in the living room. I kept feeling a sense of dread and fear. I looked down the dark hallway and nothing would be there, yet it felt as if someone (or someTHING) was standing right at the end of the hallway, in front of my bedroom door. I felt like something bad was gonna happen. The lights suddenly went off. I ran across my cousin and sisters on the couch, trying to get as far away from the hallway as possible. I felt like something was gonna grab me.

In later years, I stayed at my aunt's with my cousins, younger sis, and their friend. We were telling ghost stories, and laughing them off. We had a camera and took a picture of the front door, which was glass. You can see the silhouette of the thing I saw in my doorway when I was five (first story).

Another time, I took a picture of my window because I felt like I was being watched. There's a clear, white face in my window. Couldn't see it with my eyes, just when I took a picture...

...That window was 9 feet off the ground. My house was on stilts.

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