Church Stories

by kristle

Ok, so I don't get scared very easily, but there was this one night at my church I will never EVER forget.

So we have this story in our church to scare the little kids... or so I thought. The story goes like this:

The church's first pastor hated kids. He despised them. He was always mean to them and never let them go on mission trips. One night in his office he was working on his Sunday sermon, and he heard a little tapping noise on his window. It was a little girl. It was storming pretty badly that night and the poor girl was soaked to the bone. The pastor rolled his eyes and let the girl in. He gave her a towel and left the room to go find some food for her. When he returned he found his office a wreck and the little girl gone. The next day he was walking to the church and saw the little girl. He grabbed her and took her to his office and in a rage he killed her. It is said that the pastor's spirit was so troubled that he was not allowed into heaven or hell after he died. So he supposedly still wanders around the church and terrorizes children.

Now that was just the story that I didnt belive until that one night.

I was walking around making sure everything was in order for the big church sleepover (every year we have a sleepover for the kids at the church.) After I finished my rounds I went and waited by the door for the kids to arrive. I wasn't the only person there, there were about 3 other adults with me.

After the kids arrived and everyone was settled in, we told the story of the pastor. All the kids knew the story of course, but were still a bit frightened.

After everyone was asleep (including me) I heard a noise that woke me up. At first I just thought it was the church creaking so I tried to go back to sleep. I woke up again to the same noise. This time I went to investigate. I walked all around the church but I didn't see anything. When I got back to where everyone was sleeping I saw it...

A little GIRL sitting in one of the chairs staring at me. I froze. Then she TALKED. SHE ACTUALLY TALKED. She said: help me he's going to kill me, help! I just about wet my pants
then she disappeared.

I went back to sleep unwillingly and woke up the next morning. I told everyone but no one believed me.

So I guess the story is wrong... it's the little girl that haunts the church, not the pastor.

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