Comforting My Mother

by Salina

Back in the mid 90s my grandmother died. She was the old fashion sort of woman who wouldn't go to the doctor for any reason. She developed a sore on her chin that wouldn't heal. She kept a bandage on it but it started growing. By the time my mother and her siblings were able to convince my grandmother to go to the doctor it was way too late. It turned out to be skin cancer but by letting it go so long it had eaten into her chin and was going up her jaw.

My mom and her sisters and brother took care of my grandmother, each spending at least one week with her to see to her food, and anything else she needed. It was really killing all of us to see grandma losing the ability to even eat, much less speak.

One night I had a vision/dream that my grandmother got up out of her bed and was walking through her front room headed for the door. Her body dropped, but my grandmother's spirit kept going. At the door was my Uncle Bud and my grandfather, both long since dead, waiting for her. She opened the 'door' and left with them.

The next day I found out that my grandmother had died. I asked my mom if her body was found in the front room. She said yes and was in tears because she said it looked like my grandmother had been walking toward the front door to get help (it was one of the rare nights when no one stayed the night with her.) I calmed my mom and I told her about my vision of grandma walking out of her body to join my uncle and grandfather. It really comforted my mom to know my uncle and grandfather came to get my grandmother.

As for me... I have a touch of the 'sight' as some would say. I get it from my mother's side of the family... In more recent years, my aunt called my mom fifteen minutes after my aunt died. Her number appeared on my mom's phone ID caller, but when she answered there was no voice. A few minutes later my uncle called her to let her know my aunt had died.

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