Creature Kills

by Chelsea

I live on a farm in the country. One night while I was sitting on my front porch I heard a strange noise coming from the bushes under the window. My dog, Nelson (a Newfoundland), instantly started snarling at the window.

If you know anything about these dogs they are very gentle creatures. To hear him growl and snap was so out of the ordinary I immediately got scared. I got up to go into the house when there was a crash at the window. Nelson was going ballistic. I looked at the window in time to see something crash at the window a second time. It was maybe four feet tall, gray, and standing on its hind legs. To say the least I screamed.

The creature jumped at the window once more and screeched then disappeared. Nelson watched the window for a few minutes then came to my side and we went inside and eventually went to bed. Curious, the next morning I went behind the bushes to see if there was any trace of what I saw the night before and I found three dead baby kittens. While I have not seen the creature since then (about four years ago), some nights I hear its screeching. Every kitten that has been born on my farm has been found dead, torn apart.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I know coyotes, raccoons, even cats can not possibly make the noise I hear.

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