by Bella
(Blue Ridge, Ga, USA)

I just want to say that I have never messed with an Ouija board in my whole life, I have watched sessions on YouTube but never have I witnessed one in person.

Now, I have taken photo walks in cemeteries, tried capturing paranormal photographic evidence, read paranormal stories, and looked at paranormal photos as well.

Well, I was staying at a cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia. My room had a balcony that wrapped around the front of the cabin and a large glass door that stood to the left of the bed. Beautiful, red, velvety curtains draped from the top of those glass doors. I had closed the curtains, but swept the bottom of them on top of my suitcase (which was on the floor) so that I could only see a tiny bit outside.

I was reading a bit on my phone about my hometown's triple homicide, when I noticed something ominous; a face, foggy and transparent, had appeared in almost the fabric itself, it seemed, a serious man's face. I got the courage to grab my Kodak Easyshare Sport MP12 to snap a photo (21st century, guys). I looked back at the photo only to see that a fog, almost in the shape of a body, was directly underneath the "man's" chin.

Now, I have experienced paranormal for a long time.

-as a kid I would hear footsteps in the attic directly above me
-strange people-shaped shadows in my room
-weird noises
-my phone moved from place to place

I feel as if I am haunted by a figure, but the only people who have died in my family are my great grandpa and grandma, and I wasn't exactly close to them. I was four at the time, and I didn't understand the meaning of death.

I don't know whom is haunting me, my house was built in 2003, and as far as I know, the only serious death was of my dog.

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