Creepy House in Fresno

by josie rivera
(fresno ca)

Hey guys. So we are currently being evicted from my house because the house we live in isn't livable anymore. My grandma lived here her whole life and so did my mom. So this house is pretty old. My grandfather died in this house from cancer, hospice helped him pass away. After my grandpa died I'll be honest we weren't getting a lot of activity. But before I go there let me go back to when I was little.

My brother is 3 years younger than me and one day he was playing in the back room where we keep the water heater thing. He was small about I'd say 4 and he came running out crying to my mom that a "man" was trying to talk to him. That's the only activity we ever got in the house and I was too little at the time to understand what the heck he was talking about.

After my grandpa died we still had no activity. I had bought an EVP and never got any. I could just never communicate with my grandfather and I was going to give up. One day I saw a shadow and I got my EVP out. Still didn't get anything, but here and there I would feel my hair being played with. The day we got the eviction papers I did an EVP. For hours I still got nothing and I just gave up. But later on that day a box fell. I pulled out my evp once more and caught a "HAHA" - it sounds like a man with a deep voice. And that's the only activity I have gotten in this house. I wasn't sure if it was my grandpa or the "man" my brother saw when he was small. But it scared me. Just the way it sounded was beyond creepy and nothing I ever herd before. I am pregnant now and I gave up trying to even communicate with anything paranormal because I am scared it will hurt my baby.

So like I said. We are getting evicted and have been looking for houses. We have seen many, but none of them are in our budget or in the town we have lived our whole lives. Then we found this house. It is only a 10 minute drive from the town we want to stay in and kind of in our budget. We went to check it out anyways. The house is pretty big, but very old. We liked it anyways because it has a big yard for our dogs and its the best we can do right now. There's a house in the back and from the moment I looked at it I felt a very bad vibe. I started to feel dizzy and shaky and just didn't feel right. I didn't go into the back. I know it was just my pregnancy symptoms, but I just didn't feel right. For the first time in my life I felt scared and restless. But my curiosity gets the best of me when I think its paranormal.

So I went to the back house and it had a bunch of old things inside of it. I didn't go inside just looking into the window and doors. I felt a chill down my spine and my hairs were sticking up. I went into the car and waited for my mom to go check it out and get the heck outta there. On the way home I was still pretty shaky and felt like I wanted to faint. We had to pull over and I told my mom what I felt. She said it was in my head and its probably the baby doing it to me.

That night I went to bed and I had a dream I was standing in front of the back house. I can see a woman in the window. She had brown hair and she was looking at me. In my dream I can only stare at her and she looks at me and smiles. She touches the window and then disappears. Its the same dream every night since I left that house. It never changes. I don't know if its in my head or not but I still do not feel right and still have those dreams a week later. We are not moving into that house. I am moving into an apartment. Thanks for listening.

This house is located in fresno california on whitesbridge and rolinda.

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