Creepy Things

by Samantha

I'm 11 and some creepy things have happened to me...

One time when I was like, 6, I was in my parents' room and I saw a shadowy hand reach out and grab nothing. It scared me. I dove under my parents blankets. Thing is, I was scared but not scared shitless like most people might be.

When I was 9 I was in my basement with my little sister, who was like 7, and I was reading a world record book and my little sis was on the computer and the lights all suddenly went off. I thought the power went out, but then I saw the glow of light coming from up the stairs so I knew that wasn't the case. Me and my sis sat there silently for the longest time, till finally I got up and went over to the light switches. They were all turned off. I grabbed my sis and ran upstairs and told my mom. She looked at me worriedly and said "It was nanny and poppy coming to visit you." My sis believed her, but I did not. I was a bit scared but not really.

And just recently I felt something breathing on me when I was in bed, but I was surprisingly calm. The fact I was so calm was what scared me most.

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