Crying baby

by Irish

When I was 15 years old, I went to my brother's place and stayed there a couple of days. In my first night its normal but my last night its not normal.

Around 2am I decided to go out to my niece's bedroom because it so hot and I slept at the sofa bed which is beside at the comfort room. When I lied down at the sofa bed and tried to closed my eyes I heard footsteps at the back of the house. I ignored it because I'm used to it and I don't believe any supernatural matter.

After one hour around 3am I heard a baby cry. I told myself that it was nothing and only my imagination, but if I hear it again that is another story. After a minute my gosh it was so scary because I heard it again and the sound was coming from the ground inside the comfort room. I don't understand what I felt at that time all I did was running back at the bedroom. After what happen at that night I talked to neighbors and told them, they said that the previous tenant was a pregnant woman who hung herself at that house.

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