Curiosity of a Young Child

by Kristin Ritter
(Des Moines, Iowa, United States)

There isn't really much to my story. I was about 10 years old. (Back in 2002ish or so, around fall.) It was dark out. Normally I'm not scared of anything in general. I was a curious kid with a paranormal appetite. I'd spoken often to ghosts and nothing bothered me.

One night I'd been told it was my turn to take our new Australian Sheppard puppy out. He normally likes the telephone pole, but this time was different. He walked out and started to walk towards it and stopped. He growled and walked away and then past it. I heard someone say something, I don't recall but my name was at least said. I start to feel a panic unlike any I had before. I look over and see a boy standing there. He was my age, I assume. Normally, I have, like I said, no problem with ghosts what so ever.

This time I looked into his eyes and we locked glances. I was over come with more fear, however, I was curious. He had pitch black eyes, jet black hair... wearing white, and extremely pale. Standing under a street light, this seemed almost impossible. He stares motionless... So I ask, "Are you alright?" No response. I try again, "Let me just finish with my puppy and I'll come talk to you, okay?" He does what seems to be a nod and I turn around for a minute.

I suddenly feel the anxiety leave and I turn around and see an empty space where he'd been. I walk to the street light and look around. My puppy no longer seems agitated. So I make my way inside. I'd had dreams on and off of them, but I'd never let them in my house. Years later one dream got to me, however.

I was in a small, cluttered room. There was a mirror beside the bed. I see one standing what appeared to be inside the mirror. At first I felt the urge of killing myself out of the immense fear and anxiety I felt... But, suddenly I was angry. Angry at it for scaring me. I asked what I wanted. She looked at me and smile, sharp teeth, and replies, "Join us" So I reach for the mirror but the closer I got the more I felt the crushing pressure of fear... and then I woke up gasping and crying drenched in sweat. Ever since that nightmare a few months ago I haven't had another dream since.

Today, I talked to a new friend and they'd mentioned the creatures... Out of curiosity I found this website and never knowing that others had seem them too. This just brings back the dreadful sinking feeling I had that night, 10 years ago.

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