Cursed Necklace

by Amanda
(Grayville, Illinois)

When my grandmother died, my family drove up to her house to clean it out (her husband had died before I was born). While there, I found a very pretty necklace. It was a small globe on a gold chain. When no one was looking, I picked up the necklace and hid it until we got home. I started to wear it every day... and night.

At night I would have horrible dreams about my grandma. In the worst she was driving my family and I somewhere (the movies? mall?). She got up and killed my entire family then sat down next to me and turned into dust. All that was left was her pile of ashes and the necklace. The next day, my mom and I were in a car crash. Needless to say, I was wearing the necklace. Neither of us was seriously hurt, but when my other nightmares started coming true, I quickly disposed of the necklace. I haven't had a nightmare since.

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